There are so many reasons why a client might want to use online therapy options, especially post-Covid when we learned we can do almost anything online that we do in person.

Why do you choose to video chat with friends, family, or coworkers instead of meeting in the same location? All those things you just thought of are likely some of the same reasons you’ll have for choosing online counseling. Some common reasons our clients prefer teletherapy to in-person therapy include:

  • Struggling to find childcare, so you can make your therapy sessions
  • Needing to work and not being able to find a therapist available when your schedule permits
  • Traveling frequently
  • Worrying about explanations for your colleagues, your loved ones, or your friends – Where do you disappear to every Tuesday?
  • Struggling to find transportation, parking, or simply time in the day to travel to and from your therapist’s office
  • Living in a small college town (everyone knows everyone’s business in your immediate community)

We use a HIPPA-compliant video platform (not Zoom) that guarantees your privacy.