Cost and Evaluation Process

The total out-of-pocket cost for my adult autism evaluation with a comprehensive written report is $1,800. A diagnosis verification letter and accommodations request for work/university are also included. 

The fee for each telehealth session (assessments, clinical interview, and feedback) is $600, payable after each of the three sessions. The fee is paid with a credit or HSA/HFA card stored in a secure portal. 

The evaluation consists of six parts, including three telehealth sessions. The multi-step process is detailed below:

Pre-assessment consultation (free)

Once you contact me by email through my website or Psychology Today, we will arrange a 15-20-minute telehealth consultation session. During this session, I can answer all your questions and assist you in determining whether an adult autism evaluation is something you want to pursue. 

Part 1.

Complete a series of intake forms and screeners.

Duration: 45-60 minutes before the first session (on your own).

Part 2.

Take a battery of psychometric assessments, including screeners for differential diagnosis (e.g., trauma, depression, and anxiety).

Duration: 55 minutes during the first telehealth session.

First $600 installment due

Part 3.

Finish assessments not completed.

Duration: Variable (on your own).

Part 4.

Participate in a comprehensive clinical interview.

Duration: 2 hours during the second telehealth session.

Second $600 installment due

Part 5.

I provide the evaluation results in a transparent and comprehensive process during a personalized PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation, I educate my client about the specific autism evaluation criteria, share what each assessment measures and what they scored, and discuss how the data meets/does not meet the diagnostic criteria for autism.

Duration: 55 minutes during the third telehealth session.

Third $600 installment due

Part 6.

Receive a copy of the report via secure email. The sections of the report include the following: 

1. Current Concerns and Goals for Evaluation

2. Background and Relevant History

3. Behavioral Observations

4. Assessments

5. What the Instruments Measure and Scores

6. Clinical Interview

7. Summary

8. Diagnostic Impressions

9. Recommendations

Insurance and Reimbursement 

You need to pay for each session upfront. I am not in-network with any insurance company. For out-of-network reimbursements, I recommend using software called to file your claims.