Autism isn't an illness...

…it is a different way of being human. (People) with autism aren’t sick…to help them we don’t need to change or fix them. We need to work to understand them, and then change what we do.

Barry M. Prizant in Uniquely Human (2015, p. 4)

Philosophy and Practice

I champion adults who identify as neurodivergent or autistic but are not diagnosed. People should be free to choose and own their identities, after all.

The medical community largely disagrees. They say autism is a “disorder.” But, like other advocates, I consider autism a different way of living in and understanding the world.

While some adults are satisfied with naming themselves neurodivergent or autistic, others want an “official” diagnosis. But for high-functioning adults who may be autistic, finding a qualified and experienced professional who can diagnose them can be challenging.

Because only psychologists and psychiatrists can diagnose autism, the pool of professionals who can do this work is narrow. Additionally, language in the diagnostic manual is child focused and challenging to apply to adults. Even for the most experienced professional, it can be tricky to diagnose autistic adults accurately.

Furthermore, people both in and out of the medical community frequently misunderstand the adult presentation of high-functioning autism. Autistic adults don’t “appear” autistic, many say.

Welcome to my online therapeutic space, Female and Autistic, where I serve men and women (and everyone in between) who seek a comprehensive evaluation to determine if they meet the criteria for autism spectrum disorder (ASD, F84.0).

I am a licensed psychologist with a national endorsement to offer online therapeutic services in 33 states nationwide. I am experienced and highly skilled in identifying the adult presentation of high-functioning autism. If you are an adult over 18, think you might be autistic, and want an “official diagnosis,” contact me for a consultation. I will discuss my evaluation process and answer your questions.

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